Altair Holding strikes investment deal with MediaLED to boost its energy projects portfolio

Altair Holding, a private equity and alternative investments fund, has entered into an agreement with UK-based MediaLED to access its funds and get a stake in the company for international energy infrastructure projects.

The deal will see MediaLED participate in large-scale energy projects and provide liquidity to work closely with leading manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment.

Altair Holding will gain exposure to MediaLED’s engineering expertise in automation of electrical power distribution systems and distribution deals to enter international key infrastructure projects and energy initiatives.

Head of investments at Altair Holding, Brian Hodge, said the company wanted to strengthen its proposition amid the challenges of a new market environment and expand its energy sector portfolio.

“Bringing in MediaLED’s vast engineering expertise in electric power distribution and energy projects enables our company to benefit from exposure to large-scale financing deals and infrastructure initiatives across the globe,” he/she said.

“We invest in high-quality companies and other assets across Europe, the Americas and Asia with the record of stable business performance over time, financial strength and competitive position in the market. MediaLED perfectly meets this criteria.” he added.

Matthew James Mcbean, director of MediaLED: “The breadth of investment expertise available at Altair Holding is beyond anything else available in the energy project management market and the company has a track record of driving down investment costs, helping enhance investor returns.”

“Energy projects are capital-intensive and require consistent and coherent financing strategy to ensure timely and complete delivery of critical equipment and systems. By combining extensive industry knowledge, financial resources, and high-quality products, MediaLED and Altair Holding will form a lasting partnership for large-scale energy projects.”

About Altair Holding

Altair Holding is a Luxembourg based private equity and alternative investments fund that invests in a broadly diversified portfolio in both established and developing businesses as well as profit-generating assets across the globe.

The company delivers cost-effective advice, covering all aspects of fund management, including fund administration, legal structure, beneficiary and equitable ownership, negotiation of legal and commercial terms, advising clients on leverage and bridge financing, as well as managed account and co-investment schemes.

About MediaLED Ltd

MediaLED Ltd was founded in 2003 and has earned its reputation thanks to its innovations in the field of LED development and energy projects.

MediaLED brings together a team of experienced and talented engineers with a proven track record of ambitious and complex projects in the field of automation of electrical power distribution systems and distribution deals. The company supplies energy equipment  including circuit-breakers, safety relays, controls, disconnectors, drives, switchboard systems, power transformers 420/15.75 kV, diesel generating sets and other components.

The company has established itself as a reliable partner to grid operators, government organizations, financial institutions and developers through its expertise, quality of service, and ability to develop and deliver custom equipment exactly when needed.

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