LEDstream – are the best in the world miniature and bright LED moving sign boards. One can download text to these boards from any device with IR port (laptop, handheld, mobile phone etc.)

LEDstream – is a miniature moving sign board with easy and convenient information upload.

You don’t need wires, special software or device drivers to upload the information. All you need is any device with an IR port. It could be a mobile phone, handheld device like Palm or PocketPC, or a plain personal computer. 

LEDstream – is a compact moving sign board with various breathtaking effects.

The text displayed can be spiced by various visual effects – from blinking to dissolving to inversion. You’ll steal all attention.

LEDstream – means brightness and dynamics.

Bright saturated colors and dynamics – that brings attention for sure!

LEDstream – is a highly reliable and long-lasting miniature moving sign board.

The life span of red LEDs is a stunning 100 000 MTBF hours – approximately 11 years of work.

LEDstream – is a compact and light miniature moving sign board.

The size of LEDstream reflects painstaking development in order to bring information to customer with maximum efficiency. The number of simultaneous symbols the board can show is optimal for the display of moving text. The small dimensions allow the installation in every nook and cranny – from store shelves to rear car window.

LEDstream – is a rich choice of accessories.

A magnetic holder, a transparent holder and clear two-sided tape will securely attach LEDstream to almost any surface. A car adapter for 12/24 volts and 4-meter long extension cord will help to install the board in the car. Also included IRDA dongle if you don’t have a dedicated IR port in your equipment.

 – is a vast variety of uses.


Standard kit   includes voltage adapter (in accordance with the voltage standards used in your country) and user’s manual in English

Expanded kit   may include any of the following accessories:

Self-adhesive magnet
Transparent envelope with one self-adhesive side
Double-sided adhesive tape (3M Co.)
Car adapter 12-24 volts

For those who haven’t IRDA-port on the computer, PDA or mobile phone we may offer:



·  13 symbols display

·  Resolution 8×80 dots

·  Memory 512 bytes (approx. half a page of text)

·  9 breathtaking effects – inversion, scrolling, etc.

·  Bright colors – red, yellow, green, blue, and white

·  Different colors of the shell

·  Brightness 320 Cd/m

·  Average power consumption 4 W

·  Power supply – 5 V, 1,5 A

·  Dimensions 205x21x12 mm

·  Weight 72 grams (shipping weight 125 g)

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